Make White Paper - Makowhiteness Project

When we launched the company back in 2007 we needed to find a name that was distinctive and yet had not been used before. Because of the thousands of products available in the colour "white" (not only paper) many thousands of brand names already existed. We also wanted something short because "whiteness" is already a long word for a brand.

We came up with the name Makowhiteness for the following reasons:

  • The Mako shark is fast, streamlined and highly specialised, just like our consultancy services
  • Mako means "blue lightening" in the Maori language, rather like the xenon flash we use to measure white papers
  • We donate some of our profits each year to the Sharks Trust, who perform work on behalf of endangoured shark species including the Shortfin Mako
  • Make White Paper matches well with Makowhiteness Project

We have two divsions:

Makowhiteness Project = Consultancy

Makowhiteness = Rating system for white papers at Point of Sale

Makowhiteness is registered as a trademark.